Closure by Sylvia Stein

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Garrison James had it all. A terrific home life and a loving family. Together, he and his wife built a successful ranch and construction company. His world changed the day he lost his wife to cancer. He turned to the bottle and became a monster. Sara, his daughter, tried everything to please him.

After years of abuse, Sara’s aunt visits. She recognizes the abuse and removes Sara. The frail girl begins the delicate journey of finding herself, while struggling to leave her father and the monster behind.

Despite the emotional and mental scars she carried, Sara manages to start a new life. She is finally happy.

A phone call changes everything.

Will Sara continue her new life? Can she face the monster, or will she find closure?

Make sure you have a box of Kleenex next to you when you read this. The characters are so real, the pain and the trauma described so vivid that the reader quickly becomes a part of the story. Sylvia has crafted an excellent story about life issues that people sometimes don’t want to talk about – substance misuse, death, child abuse and despair – but manages to draw out the good that can come out when one has faith, hope and support. Excellent reading – I loved it.

Rating 4.0



  1. sylvia stein August 24, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    thank you for the review and promoting my book Rejoice!


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