Trash To Treasure

The long-awaited anthology, Trash To Treasure, is now available on Amazon. Get yourself a copy now!


TTT Image FB Trash To Treasure is a collection of short stories resulting from the question, “What does a dinosaur, a pawnshop and graffiti have in common?” Sixteen authors took up the challenge and went in different directions. From the despair of a life that has sunk so low that a pawnshop is the only option, to the treasures to be found in one. From visiting a park that celebrates all that dinosaurs were, to life as one. From graffiti as a reflection of poverty and desperation, to an art form. Join us as we look at how trash can be transformed into treasure, physically and metaphorically.


  1. Virtuous Women August 26, 2014 at 3:40 PM

    Great book written by very talented authors. Enjoyed reading and highly recommend it.

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