4 Benefits Of Using Hootsuite

I am not a Hootsuite employee – just a user and I think that it is a great social media management system. As a writer I find Hootsuite extremely helpful in helping me reach potential readers.

1.  Managing Different Platforms

Social media is no longer a trend but a business necessity. Finding time to keep up with what is going on can be quite a nightmare and extremely stressful if you do not have or use the right tools. I use Hootsuite across 4 platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

2.  Customer Engagement

Hootsuite enables me to increase the reach of my tweets and posts. I spend one day a week scheduling all my content and messages. By doing this I can schedule posts to go live at specific times. This gets me maximum exposure without the need for me to be online all the time.

I use Hootsuite to interact with my audience and track customer experience. High engagement can result in high exposure which can translate to increased sales. This is what every business wants and needs. Achieving growth through excellent customer engagement is pretty much like the relationship people had with the corner shop owner back in the day. Customers are loyal to companies who demonstrate that they care about them as individuals. Social media is evolving at breakneck speed and companies are struggling to keep up. Businesses are reaching larger audiences and seeing increasing benefits, but the shifting social media landscape makes getting consistent results – and measuring them – an enormous challenge. The ones who are winning at this game are the ones who use social media management systems such as Hootsuite.

3.  Enhancing Digital Customer Experience

“Companies need to get smart about the digital data otherwise they will be left behind. Personalisation now means knowing your customers’ intent and not just their name. Power will lie with those who can analyse and action (aggregated data) in context.” ~ Natascha Thomson.

Using Hootsuite ensures that I not only increase my reach but that I never miss a social message.

Mike Boush, Head of Digital, Discover once said this, “The customer journey online is the heart, and we need to understand how that flows and is mapped out. But after we went through that journey, we wanted to change some of our products.”

4.  Time-Saving

Not using a social media management tool is pretty much like keeping your money under the mattress instead of in the bank. Hootsuite is one of the best social media management platforms out there and I recommend it. It is not only affordable it has rich, easy–to–use yet powerful managing features. It has over 10 millons users which include some of the top brands such as Virgin, Seagate, Eurostar and Sony Music. Why not you?

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