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No time to edit that self-help book? Don’t know how to connect with your audience? We’ve got you covered. We work with businesses and individuals, just like you. We use storytelling to get clients to connect with you and buy your products.

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The Telling Tales was established in 2013 by Rejoice Denhere, a business professional and published author.

 Rejoice’s work is published in the following anthologies:

Trash To Treasure

A collection of short stories resulting from the question, “What does a dinosaur, a pawnshop and graffiti have in common?”

Available in paperback from:

Amazon, ebook for Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, iPad and Kobo.

Of Past And Future

A fast-paced and emotionally charged collection of short stories that explore the past and the future as experienced by those who can travel there.

Available in paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

The Future Is Short

If you love science fiction, you will love this. Stories are grouped under diverse themes which include Adolescence, Apocalypse, Containment, Crime, Espionage, First Contact and Utopia.

With a foreword by John Klassi, Emmy-nominated producer and award-winning author of The Everyday Space Traveler, The Future Is Short invites the reader to vicariously live a quick slice of life from someone else’s uniquely envisioned future.

Copies of The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash, Volume 2 are available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The Power Of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness is a collection of short stories which explore the power of forgiveness from the perspective of those that have been offended and those that have offended others. Moving, inspiring – Available from Amazon. Get your copy here!